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In 2005, the Warri Branch of Nigerwives Nigeria (foreign women married to Nigerian citizens and residing in Delta State), decided to embark on providing a ‘Centre for the Disabled’ – a charity project,  as their contribution to the society among which they live.

The Centre, named “PROJECT ACCHIEVE” provides daycare / therapeutic facilities, advice and counselling, among other activities, for infants and children with various disabilities.

 Project Acchieve

“ACCHIEVE” is an acronym for: ‘A’-Action for; ‘C’-Children with; ‘C’-Coordination; ‘H’-Hearing;  ‘I’-Intellectual;   ‘E’-Expressive;  ‘V’-Visual;  ‘E’-Educational Disabilities.

The primary target groups of this project are infants and children with various disabilities under the age of 12.

To raise necessary funds to build a Therapeutic Centre to help infants and children with physical and functional limitations to learn to cope with everyday life.

To secure funding of operational cost for years to come.

To be of service to humanity.

Members of Nigerwives Warri Branch in the Conference Room at the CentreOne of the Consulting Rooms at the CentreA room for Recreation

Members of Nigerwives Warri Branch in the Conference Room at the Centre

Our Vision

The Vision is that through our efforts, infants and children with various disabilities, living in this area, will benefit from early life programs and achieve maximization of their potential for development.  Thus in the long term, would emerge artists, craftsmen, other vocational achievers, even professionals particularly among the blind and hearing impaired.

Through this attitudinal change, we hope to achieve acceptance and integration of the disabled into the society with themselves achieving social adequacy and society offering more employment opportunities to the challenged people.

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"Actualmente  estamos trabajando para construir y poner en marcha un centro para niños con necesidades especiales en Warri (Nigeria).  Es un proyecto muy necesitado en esa zona ya que no existen instituciones de ese tipo para poder ayudar al desarrollo óptimo de los niños que  requieren unos cuidados más específicos. Llevamos varios años intentando acabarlo y cada vez nos encontramos más cerca de conseguirlo.


Tengo pensado, en un futuro, involucrarme en proyectos tanto educativos como alimenticios en el continente africano."